Coal Business in Indonesia

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Coal Business in Indonesia
by Sando Sasako
Jakarta, 20 July 2016
Last update: Jakarta, 12 March 2017
xlii + 432 pages, comprising of 214 tables and 98 charts

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Copyright © Sando Sasako
All rights reserved.
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Coal deposits all around the world may have been declining. It’s on the surface, but not in deep underground. Extracting coal physically beneath the earth, majorly under the deep seabed, is not an easy task to fulfill and complete. Some advantages may have come for digging coal out of the underwater. Coal washing doesnot need special water resources and treatment, but from the sea or ocean. Every thing must have a plus and a minus. It depends on what perspectives you’ve taken all along.

The choice then lend it to the tasks of extracting the coal ores, that is the molecular carbons in gas, namely CO, CH4, and H2. Syngas, they used to call it as the term. But not the CO2. CO2 is mostly considered as the public enemy number one to be captured and imprisoned in a dungeon, deep underground, for good. Various CO2 absorbents have been sought and developed, along with the technologies to filter out the impurities embedded with coal, namely SOx and NOx.

Many have mixed up inappropriately the understandingness between coal gasification and coal combustion. Even FoE. Those two coal treatments are different things. The first is heating the coal, while the second is burning the coal. Both process involves massive thermal chain reactions. The problems with UCG is that how can you guarantee that it is the coal seam and the intended ones that has been gasified.

How about the walls, the roofs, the floors, and the layers buffering the coal seams? How about if the words of collapse and/or cracks applied to those layers? Won’t they initiate a flow of the unexpected such as a mud flow for example as in Porong, Sidoarjo, East Java, Indonesia, that hasn’t stopped since it began to erupt on 29 May 2006.

Even worse is how the earth is burning the coal seams underground. Burning Mountain of Mount Wingen in New South Wales has been burning for 6000 years, Brennender Berg in German since 1688, Smoking Hill in NW Canada since its discovery in 1826, Emalahleni in South Africa since 1953, and Centralia in Pennsylvania since 27 May 1962.

The list doesnot include the burning of methane in Derweze, Turkmenistan since 1971, known as door to hell; Baba Gurgur oilfield nearby Kirkuk, Irak for 2500 years, known as eternal fire; Yanar Dag near Baku, Azerbaijan since 1950s, known as land of fire.

The unanswered questions to protect the environment underground and the surrounding area has left many UCG projects to be terminated, cancelled, withdrawn, neglected, abandoned, forbidden. They are all due to lack of environmental protection technologies, and most of all understandingness how to deal and cope it before hand.

Therefore, UCG is not an option to exploit coal deposits underground. At least for now, and some decades to come.

Jakarta, 31 August 2016
Sando Sasako

Email: sandosako @
Mobile: +62 812 8056 516


Foreword iii

Contents v

List of Tables xxxiii
List of Figures xl

Global Trends in Energy Industry 1
The Saudi Factor 2
The Revolutionary US Shale 4
Primary Energy Consumption in the World 6

Global Coal Trends 9
World’s Coal Proved Reserves by Country, 2015 10
World’s Coal Production by Country, 2005-2015 11
World’s Coal Consumption by Country, 2005-2015 12
World’s Coal Prices, 1987-2016q2 13

Some Basic Knowledges 16
The Classes of Coal 17
Coal Resources and Reserves 19
Applications of Thermal Coal 21
Applications of Met Coal 22
The Typical Consumers 24

The Hidden Costs of Coal: From Mining to Firing 25
How Coal Pollutes and Damages the Air Quality 27
How Coal Damages the Human Health 30
Calculating and Accounting the Coal Costs 32

Global Warming or Global Heating 34
Greenhouse Gas 37
CO2 as One of GHGs 39
The GHG Effects on Humans 41

Weighing the Costs of Pollutants Emissions of Coal 42
Non-Coal Input 44
Resource Consumption 45
Energy Consumption 47

Non-Electricity Output: The Pollutants 49
Solid Waste Pollution 50
Water Pollutants Emissions 52
Air Pollutants Emissions 53
Carbon Dioxide Emissions 54
Non-Carbon Dioxide Emissions 56
Unintended Methane Emissions & Methane Mining Practices 57
Pollutants Emissions in CFPP 58

The Stressors in Coal Businesses 59
Underwater Coalmines 60
Hashima Coal Mine, Japan 61
Okinoyama Coal Mine, Japan 62
Beizao Coal Mine, China 63
Bomlo Coal Mine, Norway 65
Cape Breton Coal Mines, Nova Scotia, Canada 68
Solway Coal Mines, Cumbria, UK 72
North Sea Coal Mines, NE England 74
Forth Coal Mines, Scotland, UK 76
The End of Deep Coal Mines in the UK 78

Coal Processing Technologies in Coal Mines 80
Coal Liquefaction 82
Coal Gasification 85
Coal Combustion 87
Underground Coal Gasification 89
Kincardine UCG, Scotland, UK 91
Raven and Hat Creek Coalfield, BC, Canada 94
Coal Leaching 96
Coal Fracking 99

Clean Coal Technologies 101
Flue Gas Clean-up Technologies 102
Carbon Dioxide Technologies 106
Carbon Dioxide Applications 108
The Supercritical Carbon Dioxide Applications 109
Working fluid to transfer heat 110
The hydrocarbon solvents 111
The non-toxic solvents 112
Carbonation 113
Calcination 114

Carbon Capture Utilisation Storage Technologies 115
Oxygen Carriers 117
Carbon Dioxide Recovery 119
Technologies to Capture Carbon Dioxide 121
Carbonatation 123
Metal Carbonatation 124
Metal Organic Frameworks 127
Carburising 128

Energy Business in Indonesia in a brief 130

Coal Businesses in Indonesia 133
History of Coal Business in Indonesia 135

Regulatory Frameworks 137
The Dutch Colonialism 137
The Mining Law of 1967 138
The Production Sharing Contract in Coal Mining of 1975 140
The Coal Contract of Work of 1981 141
Forced Localisation 142
Coal Mining Permits 143
Issues on Enviromental and Decentralisation 146
Ministerial Regulations (Permen ESDM) 148
Ministerial Decrees (Kepmen ESDM) 151

Coal Trade Policy 154
Coal Trade Control 156
Coal Export Restriction 158
The Peak Production and The Depletion 161
The Domestic Market Obligation System 163

Coal Transport 165
Coal Handling 165
Coal Terminals / Seaports 172
Coal Shipping Vessels and Freight Rates 174

Coal Pricing System 177
Coal Price Dynamics 179
The Mechanic and System of Price 180
Pricing Policy 181
Taxing Policy 183
Transfer Pricing Policy 185
The Tax Havens 187

Coal Pricing System in Indonesia 191
HBA (Indonesian Coal Reference Price) 192
HPB (Indonesian Coal Benchmark Price) 193

The Six Coal Price Indices 200
Indonesian Coal Index (ICI) 200
Platts Index 202
Newcastle Export Index (NEX) 203
globalCoal Index 204
IHS Markit Index 206
Energy Publishing Coking Coal Index 208

The Clean and Clear Status 209
The CNC Status of Coal IUP (Coal Mining Business Permit Holders) 212
The CNC Status of IUP by Province 213
The Non-CNC Status 215
Clean and Clear: The Causes 218
Clearance of Forestry Land Use Permit 220
Korsup Minerba 222

Coal Statistics 224
Coal Reserves and Resources 225
Coal Supply 229
Coal Production 231
Domestic Coal Sales 234
Coal Exports 236
Coal Imports 240
Coal Consumption 242
CCoW Companies: The First Generations 245
BHP Kendilo Coal Indonesia 250
BHP Businesses in Indonesia 252
Rio Tinto 253
Tata Power 254
Arutmin Indonesia 256
Kaltim Prima Coal 257
Bumi Resources 259
The IndoCoal Deals 260
Asmin Koalindo Tuhup 262
Allied Indo Coal 264

Coal-Bed Methane 265
The Milestone of CBM Commercialisation 268
CBM Asia @ Kutai West PSC 269
Dart Energy & IGas 271
Dart Energy & NuEnergy 273

Mine Mouth Power Plant 280
The Willing To Be MMPP Operators 281
Coal Fired Power Plants in Indonesia 283
The MMPPs of PTBA 285
PLTU Asam-Asam: One of Many MMPPs of PLN 286

References 287

Attachment – 1. Profile of Coal Basins in Indonesia 292

Attachment – 2. Coal Statistics of Indonesian Coal Companies, 2006 – Jan. 2017 296

Directory of Coal Mining Companies in Indonesia 314
Directory of Coal Exporting Companies in Indonesia 343
Directory of CNC Certified Coal IUP Holding Companies in Indonesia 365

List of Tables

Table 1 – Primary Energy Consumption in the World by Countries, 2005-2015 (mtoe) 6
Table 2 – Primary Energy: Consumption in the World by Countries and by Fuel Type, 2014 (mtoe) 7
Table 3 – Primary Energy: Consumption in the World by Countries and by Fuel Type, 2015 (mtoe) 8
Table 4 – World’s coal proved reserves by country, 2015 (Million tonnes) 10
Table 5 – World’s coal production by country, 2005-2015 (mtoe)* 11
Table 6 – World’s coal consumption by country, 2005-2015 (mtoe) 12
Table 7 – World’s coal prices, 1987-2015 ($/tonne) 13
Table 8 – US coal export price, 2010q1-2016q1 ($/short tons) 14
Table 9 – Coal reserves in India and the world, 2015 (mt) 22
Table 10 – India’s coal consumption and production, 2005-2015 (mtoe) 22
Table 11 – The health effects of power plant pollutants 27
Table 12 – Coal’s contributions to major health effects: The US case 30
Table 13 – The life cycle impact of the U.S. coal industry 32
Table 14 – Estimates of trace chemicals abundance in the global atmosphere, 1980. 39
Table 15 – Predicted health effects of global warming 41
Table 16 – Resource consumption to produce electricity from coal in 3 systems of CFPP 45
Table 17 – Power Plant Resource/Input Requirements (Base Case) in 3 systems of CFPP 45
Table 18 – Average Resource Consumption per kWh of Net Electricity Produced in CFPP Average System in 3 main coal activities 45
Table 19 – Energy Efficiency and Energy Ratio Definitions 47
Table 20 – Efficiencies and Energy Ratio Results in 3 CFPP systems (%) 47
Table 21 – Average Energy Requirements per kWh of Net Electricity Produced – Average System in 3 CFPP systems 48
Table 22 – Share of energy consumption by non-coal energy and total system energy in 3 CFPP systems (%) 48
Table 23 – Breakdown of Non-Coal Energy for Lime and Limestone in 3 CFPP systems (%) 48
Table 24 – Average Solid Waste Generation per kWh of Net Electricity Produced – Average System (surface mining & average user by river) 51
Table 25 – Average Water Pollutants Emissions per kWh of Net Electricity Produced – Average System (surface mining & average user by river) 52
Table 26 – Average Air Pollutants Emissions per kWh of Net Electricity Produced – Average System (surface mining & average user by river) 53
Table 27 – CO2 output 54
Table 28 – Measuring CO2 Emissions – Definitions and Numbers (%) 54
Table 29 – Breakdown of Non-Coal CO2 Results for Lime and Limestone 55
Table 30 – Air Pollutants Emissions, excluding CO2 56
Table 31 – Applications and Requirements for Recovered Methane 57
Table 32 – Power Plant Air Pollutants Emissions in 3 CFPP systems (kg/GWh of net electricity produced) 58
Table 33 – Power Plant Trace Element Emissions in 3 CFPP systems (kg/kWh of net electricity) 58
Table 34 – Power Plant Solid Waste Emissions in 3 CFPP systems (kg/GWh of net electricity produced) 58
Table 35 – Impacts Associated with Stressor Categories in Coal Businesses 59
Table 36 – Some undersea coalmines in Solway Firth, Cumbria, UK 72
Table 37 – Coal In-Place Resources for Upper Limestone Fm + Limestone Coal Fm, Kincardine, Nov.2014 91
Table 38 – Coal In-Place Resources for Upper Limestone Fm, Kincardine, Nov.2014 91
Table 39 – Coal In-Place Resources for Limestone Coal Fm, Kincardine, Nov.2014 92
Table 40 – Coal In-Place Resources, Kincardine, Nov.2014 92
Table 41 – EDAX analysis and ultimate analysis of coal leaching 96
Table 42 – Exhaust flue gas emissions from the combustion of fossil fuels measured in its properties & molecular weights 102
Table 43 – FGC waste and ash from the 3 power plants systems (g/kWh) 103
Table 44 – Coal analysis of design coal and check coals on Indonesian coal and Chinese coal 103
Table 45 – Ash analysis of design coal and check coals on Indonesian coal and Chinese coal 104
Table 46 – Thermal decomposition of metal carbonates 114
Table 47 – Large scale Power Plant Carbon Capture and Storage Projects Worldwide, June 2016 116
Table 48 – Overview of existing chemical-looping combustors 118
Table 49 – Principal metal oxides of Earth’s Crust 123
Table 50 – A list of Government Regulations on Mining from PP No.32/1969 to PP No.23/2010 138
Table 51 – A list of Government Regulations regarding the coal mining and the related ones that revoked by PP No.23/2010 138
Table 52 – A list of some other important Government Regulations (PP) regarding mining area and supervision 139
Table 53 – Other Government Regulations regarding (state-owned companies in) coal mining in Indonesia 139
Table 54 – A list of presidential decrees regarding the CCoWs in Indonesia 141
Table 55 – Coal mining companies in Indonesia by permits, March 2015 143
Table 56 – A list of some general regulations of Dirjen Mineral dan Batubara (DMB, Director General of Minerals and Coal) regarding a more detailed and technicals on coal. 144
Table 57 – Some regulations of DMB regarding coal pricing system in Indonesia. 145
Table 58 – A list of laws regarding the regional government in Indonesia. 146
Table 59 – A list of laws regarding forestry in Indonesia. 146
Table 60 – A list of some implementing rules on forestry in Indonesia. 146
Table 61 – A list of some implementing rules in terms of Government Regulations (PP) on forestry in Indonesia. 146
Table 62 – A list of some laws regarding enviroment in Indonesia. 147
Table 63 – A list of some implementing rules on environment in Indonesia. 147
Table 64 – A list of some international laws and rules ratified by the Indonesian government. 147
Table 65 – A list of Regulations of Energy and Resource Mineral Minister (Permen ESDM) on coal investments and divestments in the Contracts of Work and Coal Contracts of Work. 148
Table 66 – A list of Regulations of Energy and Resource Mineral Minister (Permen ESDM) on coal mining activities 148
Table 67 – A list of Regulations of Energy and Resource Mineral Minister (Permen ESDM) on coal mining permits and concessions 148
Table 68 – A list of Regulations of Energy and Resource Mineral Minister (Permen ESDM) on competency education and training on coal mining 149
Table 69 – A list of Regulations of Energy and Resource Mineral Minister (Permen ESDM) regarding required in-country processing and/or refining prior to export abroad 149
Table 70 – A list of Regulations of Energy and Resource Mineral Minister (Permen ESDM) on coal domestic market obligation (DMO), consumption, and price 149
Table 71 – A list of Regulations of Energy and Resource Mineral Minister (Permen ESDM) on coal used to generate electricity 150
Table 72 – A list of Decrees of Energy and Resource Mineral Minister (Kepmen ESDM) on coal used to generate electricity 151
Table 73 – A list of Decrees of Energy and Resource Mineral Minister (Kepmen ESDM) on authority delegations 151
Table 74 – A list of Decrees of Energy and Resource Mineral Minister (Kepmen ESDM) on Coal Domestic Market Obligations (DMO) 151
Table 75 – A list of Decrees of Energy and Resource Mineral Minister (Kepmen ESDM) on coal mining permits 152
Table 76 – A list of Decrees of Energy and Resource Mineral Minister (Kepmen ESDM) on Coal Contracts of Work 152
Table 77 – A list of Decrees of Energy and Resource Mineral Minister (Kepmen ESDM) on Coal Bed Methane (CBM) PSCs 152
Table 78 – A list of Decrees of Energy and Resource Mineral Minister (Kepmen ESDM) on revenue sharing schemes 153
Table 79 – A list of Decrees of Energy and Resource Mineral Minister (Kepmen ESDM) on safety, health, environment friendly awards 153
Table 80 – Coal and coal products whose export is restricted and calories calculated by HS Number 159
Table 81 – Production and depletion in Indonesian coal basins estimated through Gompertz Curve 161
Table 82 – Coal basins in Indonesia: The reserves, production & its cumulation, and depletion, 2013 (mt) 161
Table 83 – General quality (AR, as received) of Indonesian coal based on setting of tectonic platesa 162
Table 84 – Coal Domestic Market Obligations in Indonesia, 2010-2015 163
Table 85 – Coal mines in Kalimantan and the proposed railway lines, 2002 170
Table 86 – The coal cost structure up to formation of the FOB price 170
Table 87 – Existing coal terminals in Indonesia, 2009 172
Table 88 – Proposed coal terminals in Indonesia, 2014 172
Table 89 – Rules related with transfer pricing regulations 185
Table 90 – Some transfer pricing regulations in Indonesia 186
Table 91 – The tax haven countries (the Financial Secrecy Index) of Tax Justice Network, 2015 188
Table 92 – Some regulations of DMB regarding coal pricing system in Indonesia. 191
Table 93 – Indonesian coal reference price (HBA) of CV-6322 kcal/kg GAR, Jan. 2009-Jan. 2017 (US$/ton) 192
Table 94 – The determining factors in HPB formulation, 2017 193
Table 95 – The 8 coal products used as the benchmark prices (HPB) 193
Table 96 – Indonesian coal benchmark price (HPB) of CV-7000 kcal/kg GAR: Gunung Bayan I coal, Jan. 2009-Jan. 2017 (US$/ton) 195
Table 97 – Indonesian coal benchmark price (HPB) of CV-6700 kcal/kg GAR: Prima Coal, Jan. 2009-Jan. 2017 (US$/ton) 196
Table 98 – Indonesian coal benchmark price (HPB) of CV-6150 kcal/kg GAR: Pinang Coal, Jan. 2009-Jan. 2017 (US$/ton) 196
Table 99 – Indonesian coal benchmark price (HPB) of CV-5700 kcal/kg GAR: Pinang Indominco IM East coal, Jan. 2009-Jan. 2017 (US$/ton) 197
Table 100 – Indonesian coal benchmark price (HPB) of CV-5400 kcal/kg GAR: Melawan Coal, Jan. 2009-Jan. 2017 (US$/ton) 197
Table 101 – Indonesian coal benchmark price (HPB) of CV-5000 kcal/kg GAR: Enviro Coal, Jan. 2009-Jan. 2017 (US$/ton) 198
Table 102 – Indonesian coal benchmark price (HPB) of CV-4400 kcal/kg GAR: Jorong J-1 Coal, Jan. 2009-Jan. 2017 (US$/ton) 198
Table 103 – Indonesian coal benchmark price (HPB) of CV-4200 kcal/kg GAR: EcoCoal, Jan. 2009-Jan. 2017 (US$/ton) 199
Table 104 – Five classes of coal in ICI 200
Table 105 – The eight classes of coal in Platts Index, Jan. 2017 202
Table 106 – Australian thermal coal Monthly Price – US Dollars per Metric Ton 203
Table 107 – FOB Indo Specification in SCoTA 204
Table 108 – CNC Status of IUPs: Recommended and Approved, From 18th to 23rd Announcement, March 2017 209
Table 109 – CNC status of IUPs: From Announcements I to XXIII, 20110630-20170222 210
Table 110 – Mining permits relinquished from DMB to BKPM, August 2015 211
Table 111 – Mineral and Coal IUPs with CNC certification by mining activities (CNC-22), 20170130 212
Table 112 – IUPs of mineral and coal that revoked and cancelled (CNC-22), 20170130 213
Table 113 – Clean and Clear IUPs by province, 2014 – February 2017 214
Table 114 – Problems of Non-CNC IUPs by category and regions, 20140203 215
Table 115 – Overlay of IUP, COW, and PKP2B with Forest Area Map and IPPKH 220
Table 116 – IUP within conservation forests in 12 provinces, 2014-2015 220
Table 117 – Indonesian Coal by Resources and Reserves types and quality, 2015 (mt) 225
Table 118 – Indonesian Coal by Resources and Reserves types and quality, 2014 (mt) 225
Table 119 – Indonesian coal by resources and reserves types and provinces, 2015 (million ton) 225
Table 120 – Indonesian coal by resources and reserves types and provinces, 2014 (million ton) 226
Table 121 – Indonesian coal by resources and reserves types, quality, and provinces, 2015 (million ton) 226
Table 122 – Indonesian coal by resources and reserves types and provinces, 2014 (million ton) 228
Table 123 – Coal supply in Indonesia, 2000-2015 (ton) 229
Table 124 – Coal production by quality, domestic sales, export, 2005-2015 229
Table 125 – Coal companies supplying domestic and export markets by license, 2012-2014 (ton) 230
Table 126 – Coal production in Indonesia and the World, 2005-2015 (mtoe) 231
Table 127 – Coal production by companies and license, 2005 – Jan. 2017 (000 ton) 231
Table 128 – Coal production by CCoW and IUP companies and province, 2011-2014 (ton) 232
Table 129 – Domestic coal sales by company and province, 2011-2014 (ton) 234
Table 130 – Domestic coal sales by companies and license, 2005 – Jan. 2017 (000 ton) 235
Table 131 – Coal export sales by companies and license, 2005 – Jan. 2017 (000 ton) 236
Table 132 – Indonesian coal export by companies and province, 2011-2014 (ton) 237
Table 133 – Coal export sales by destination countries, 2006 – Jan. 2017 (000 ton) 238
Table 134 – Indonesian coal export by major countries of destination, 2000-2015 (000 ton) 238
Table 135 – Coal exports by major destination countries, 2002-2014 (000 ton) 238
Table 136 – The FOB value of coal exports by major destination countries, 2002-2014 (US$ mn) 239
Table 137 – Consumption of primary energy and coal in Indonesia vs the World, 2005 – 2015 (mtoe) 242
Table 138 – Coal consumption in Indonesia by industrial sector and import, 2015 242
Table 139 – Domestic coal sales by consumer type, 2001-2015 (ton) 242
Table 140 – Coal Domestic Market Obligations in Indonesia, by CCoW and KP/IUP companies, 20100419-20150427 (mt) 243
Table 141 – The CCoW-1 Companies: The signing dates, location, initial and retained area, area code, resources and reserves, 2015 245
Table 142 – The 17 of 19 CCoW-2 Companies: The signing dates, status of investment and activities, location, initial and retained area, area code, 2015 245
Table 143 – Coal produced from Kalimantan, 1997-2000 (1000 ton) 246
Table 144 – The 108 of 114 CCoW-3 Companies: The signing dates, status of investment and activities, location, initial and retained area, area code, 2015 247
Table 145 – Financial profile of 3 direct subsidiaries of Tata Power on coal business in Indonesia, 2015q1 (₹ crore) 254
Table 146 – Subsidiaries of Tata Power related with coal mining business in Indonesia, 2015q1 (₹ crore) 254
Table 147 – Tata Power companies in Indonesia, 2015 255
Table 148 – CBM Resources in Indonesia 265
Table 149 – The 20 largest shareholders of Dart Energy Limited, 20100914 271
Table 150 – Some subsidiaries of IGas which were held through subsidiaries, 30 June 2015 272
Table 151 – The Willing To Be MMPP Operators in Indonesia, June 2016 281
Table 152 – Independent Power Producers of PLN, June 2016 283
Table 153 – The 17 of of the 34 troubled projects of FTP-1 284
Table 154 – Ombilin’s basin coal profile: CV, price, cost, and profit, 1998-2013 292
Table 155 – Bengkulu’s basin coal profile: CV, price, cost, and profit, 1998-2013 292
Table 156 – Central Sumatera’s basin coal profile: CV, price, cost, and profit, 1998-2013 293
Table 157 – South Sumatera’s basin coal profile: CV, price, cost, and profit, 1998-2013 293
Table 158 – Tarakan’s basin coal profile: CV, price, cost, and profit, 1998-2013 294
Table 159 – Kutai’s basin coal profile: CV, price, cost, and profit, 1998-2013 294
Table 160 – Barito’s basin coal profile: CV, price, cost, and profit, 1998-2013 295
Table 161 – Adaro Indonesia, Tbk: Coal produced, sold domestic and abroad (export), 2006 – Jan 2017 (000 ton) 296
Table 162 – Bearu Coal: Coal produced, sold domestic and abroad (export), 2006 – Jan 2017 (000 ton) 296
Table 163 – Kaltim Prima Coal: Coal produced, sold domestic and abroad (export), 2006 – Jan 2017 (000 ton) 296
Table 164 – Kideco Jaya Agung: Coal produced, sold domestic and abroad (export), 2006 – Jan 2017 (000 ton) 297
Table 165 – Arutmin Indonesia: Coal produced, sold domestic and abroad (export), 2006 – Jan 2017 (000 ton) 297
Table 166 – Trubaindo Coal Mining: Coal produced, sold domestic and abroad (export), 2006 – Jan 2017 (000 ton) 297
Table 167 – Indominco Mandiri: Coal produced, sold domestic and abroad (export), 2006 – Jan 2017 (000 ton) 298
Table 168 – Gunung Bayan Pratama Coal: Coal produced, sold domestic and abroad (export), 2006 – Jan 2017 (000 ton) 298
Table 169 – Mahakam Sumber Jaya: Coal produced, sold domestic and abroad (export), 2006 – Jan 2017 (000 ton) 298
Table 170 – Insani Bara Perkasa: Coal produced, sold domestic and abroad (export), 2006 – Jan 2017 (000 ton) 299
Table 171 – Mandiri Intiperkasa: Coal produced, sold domestic and abroad (export), 2006 – Jan 2017 (000 ton) 299
Table 172 – PD Baramarta: Coal produced, sold domestic and abroad (export), 2006 – Jan 2017 (000 ton) 299
Table 173 – Bukit Asam, PT: Coal produced, sold domestic and abroad (export), 2006 – Jan 2017 (000 ton) 300
Table 174 – Perkasa Inakakerta: Coal produced, sold domestic and abroad (export), 2006 – Jan 2017 (000 ton) 300
Table 175 – Tanito Harum: Coal produced, sold domestic and abroad (export), 2006 – Jan 2017 (000 ton) 300
Table 176 – Bahari Cakrawala Sebuku: Coal produced, sold domestic and abroad (export), 2006 – Jan 2017 (000 ton) 301
Table 177 – Antang Gunung Meratus: Coal produced, sold domestic and abroad (export), 2006 – Jan 2017 (000 ton) 301
Table 178 – Borneo Indobara: Coal produced, sold domestic and abroad (export), 2006 – Jan 2017 (000 ton) 301
Table 179 – Jorong Barutma Greston: Coal produced, sold domestic and abroad (export), 2006 – Jan 2017 (000 ton) 302
Table 180 – Wahana Baratama Mining: Coal produced, sold domestic and abroad (export), 2006 – Jan 2017 (000 ton) 302
Table 181 – Pesona Khatulistiwa Nusantara: Coal produced, sold domestic and abroad (export), 2006 – Jan 2017 (000 ton) 302
Table 182 – Sumber Kurnia Buana: Coal produced, sold domestic and abroad (export), 2006 – Jan 2017 (000 ton) 303
Table 183 – Baturona Adimulya: Coal produced, sold domestic and abroad (export), 2006 – Jan 2017 (000 ton) 303
Table 184 – Indexim Coalindo: Coal produced, sold domestic and abroad (export), 2006 – Jan 2017 (000 ton) 303
Table 185 – Kadya Caraka Mulia: Coal produced, sold domestic and abroad (export), 2006 – Jan 2017 (000 ton) 304
Table 186 – Nusantara Termal Coal*: Coal produced, sold domestic and abroad (export), 2006 – Jan 2017 (000 ton) 304
Table 187 – Bharinto Ekatama: Coal produced, sold domestic and abroad (export), 2006 – Jan 2017 (000 ton) 304
Table 188 – Kartika Selabumi Mining: Coal produced, sold domestic and abroad (export), 2006 – Jan 2017 (000 ton) 305
Table 189 – Lanna Harita Indonesia: Coal produced, sold domestic and abroad (export), 2006 – Jan 2017 (000 ton) 305
Table 190 – Riau Bara Harum: Coal produced, sold domestic and abroad (export), 2006 – Jan 2017 (000 ton) 305
Table 191 – Suprabari Mapanindo Mineral: Coal produced, sold domestic and abroad (export), 2006 – Jan 2017 (000 ton) 306
Table 192 – Tanjung Alam Jaya: Coal produced, sold domestic and abroad (export), 2006 – Jan 2017 (000 ton) 306
Table 193 – Allied Indo Coal: Coal produced, sold domestic and abroad (export), 2006 – Jan 2017 (000 ton) 306
Table 194 – Asmin Bara Bronang: Coal produced, sold domestic and abroad (export), 2006 – Jan 2017 (000 ton) 307
Table 195 – Asmin Coalindo Tuhup: Coal produced, sold domestic and abroad (export), 2006 – Jan 2017 (000 ton) 307
Table 196 – Bangun Banua Persada Kalimantan: Coal produced, sold domestic and abroad (export), 2006 – Jan 2017 (000 ton) 307
Table 197 – Bara Sentosa Lestari: Coal produced, sold domestic and abroad (export), 2006 – Jan 2017 (000 ton) 308
Table 198 – Batu Alam Selaras: Coal produced, sold domestic and abroad (export), 2006 – Jan 2017 (000 ton) 308
Table 199 – Buana Bara Utama: Coal produced, sold domestic and abroad (export), 2006 – Jan 2017 (000 ton) 308
Table 200 – Firman Ketaun Perkasa: Coal produced, sold domestic and abroad (export), 2006 – Jan 2017 (000 ton) 309
Table 201 – Interex Sacra Raya: Coal produced, sold domestic and abroad (export), 2006 – Jan 2017 (000 ton) 309
Table 202 – Kalimantan Energi Lestari: Coal produced, sold domestic and abroad (export), 2006 – Jan 2017 (000 ton) 309
Table 203 – Karya Bumi Baratama: Coal produced, sold domestic and abroad (export), 2006 – Jan 2017 (000 ton) 310
Table 204 – Lahai Coal: Coal produced, sold domestic and abroad (export), 2006 – Jan 2017 (000 ton) 310
Table 205 – Marunda Graha Mineral: Coal produced, sold domestic and abroad (export), 2006 – Jan 2017 (000 ton) 310
Table 206 – Multi Harapan Utama: Coal produced, sold domestic and abroad (export), 2006 – Jan 2017 (000 ton) 311
Table 207 – Multi Tambang Jaya Utama: Coal produced, sold domestic and abroad (export), 2006 – Jan 2017 (000 ton) 311
Table 208 – Pendopo Energi Batubara: Coal produced, sold domestic and abroad (export), 2006 – Jan 2017 (000 ton) 311
Table 209 – Santan Batubara: Coal produced, sold domestic and abroad (export), 2006 – Jan 2017 (000 ton) 312
Table 210 – Senamas Energindo Mulia: Coal produced, sold domestic and abroad (export), 2006 – Jan 2017 (000 ton) 312
Table 211 – Singlurus Pratama: Coal produced, sold domestic and abroad (export), 2006 – Jan 2017 (000 ton) 312
Table 212 – Tambang Damai: Coal produced, sold domestic and abroad (export), 2006 – Jan 2017 (000 ton) 313
Table 213 – Teguh Sinar Abadi: Coal produced, sold domestic and abroad (export), 2006 – Jan 2017 (000 ton) 313
Table 214 – Coal companies with no activity in production, sales, and export. 2006 – Jan. 2017 313

List of Figures

Figure 1 – Potential future global oil projects by average breakeven prices 4
Figure 2 – Australian monthly thermal coal price, Jan. 1980 – July 2016 (US$/metric ton) 13
Figure 3 – Monthly coal prices from Australia, Colombia, South Africa, Jan. 1970 – July 2016 ($/mt) 14
Figure 4 – American weekly coal prices, 20080506-20160812 (US$) 15
Figure 5 – Applications of thermal coal and met coal 16
Figure 6 – JORC’s general relationship between exploration results, mineral resources, and ore reserves 19
Figure 7 – Power mix in non-OECD Asia, The IEA outlook for electricity generation (TWh, share) 21
Figure 8 – The routes in the steel making process 22
Figure 9 – Crude steel proportion by process route globally and India (Mt) 23
Figure 10 – Selected significant climate anomalies and events, July 2016 34
Figure 11 – Earth’s Annual Global Mean Energy Budget, July 1987 – Dec. 1988 35
Figure 12 – Earth’s Global Energy Budget, March 2000 – March 2004 35
Figure 13 – Monthly mean atmospheric carbon dioxide at Mauna Loa Observatory, Hawaii, March 1958 – July 2016 (ppm) 40
Figure 14 – Coal extraction from the mines to its transportation to the power plant, the coal cycle assessments on the pollutants production to consumptions of energy, materials, and raw materials 43
Figure 15 – Coal transportation from the mines to the power plants, the coal cycle assessments on the pollutants production to consumptions of energy, materials, and raw materials 43
Figure 16 – The periodic table of elements on earth in the form of solid, gas, liquid, and unknown; from non-metals in the left to post-trans metals in the right. 50
Figure 17 – The effective aquifuge in Beizao Coalmine 63
Figure 18 – TBU Underwater coal mining in The Baltic Union 65
Figure 19 – TBU Coal Island 66
Figure 20 – TBU Sandisle structure 66
Figure 21 – Coal mines in Nova Scotia, Canada 68
Figure 22 – Donkin coal resource block 69
Figure 23 – Solway Firth, Irish Sea, UK 72
Figure 24 – The map of Tynemouth-Boldon-Sunderland, NE England 74
Figure 25 – Onshore coal distribution in the UK by depth, 2014 78
Figure 26 – Deep coal mining closures in the UK, 2010-2015 79
Figure 27 – Deep coal mining closures in the UK, 1960-1969 79
Figure 28 – Coal cycle and its derived products schematics, from liquid (CTL), to gas (CTG), and chemicals (CTC) 80
Figure 29 – Some routes of coal to chemicals from methane via syngas 82
Figure 30 – Some chemical reactions in converting syngas 83
Figure 31 – Simplified Direct Coal Liquefaction (DCL) Process Scheme 84
Figure 32 – Gasification-based system concepts 85
Figure 33 – Gasification chemistry 85
Figure 34 – Various technologies implemented during power generation process 88
Figure 35 – Potential UCG in the UK, 2004 89
Figure 36 – Kincardine UGC project area of interest, 20141105 91
Figure 37 – Kincardine UCG licenses in the Firth of Forth, 20150402. 92
Figure 38 – Kincardine area of interest in Midland Valley of Scotland, 20141105 93
Figure 39 – Coalmines in British Columbia, Canada 94
Figure 40 – The relation between leachate pH and whole-ash chemistry 98
Figure 41 – Typical chemical additives used in frac water 100
Figure 42 – The metaphormosis diagram of CO2 between elevated pressures and temperatures 106
Figure 43 – States of crystalline and amorphous materials as a function of connectivity 106
Figure 44 – The phase diagram (of CO2) showing dehydration processes, including ordinary drying (green), freeze drying (blue), and supercritical drying (red) 110
Figure 45 – Chemical bonds in CO2 atoms 113
Figure 46 – Oxygen transport capability of different MeO/Me systems. 117
Figure 47 – Structures assumed by hydrogen (H) and carbon (C) molecules in 4 common hydrocarbon compounds 122
Figure 48 – Carbonates compounds in periodic table of elements 124
Figure 49 – Relative abundance of elements in the Earth’s upper crust. Not shown: Noble Gases, Tc(43), Pm(61), and all elements after Bi(83), except for Th(90) & U(92) 125
Figure 50 – Elements of the periodic table with known carbon compounds with other elements 127
Figure 51 – Iron-carbon phase diagram under atmospheric pressure, with pure iron on the left and iron carbide on the right 128
Figure 52 – UK banks involvement in Indonesian coal companies 134
Figure 53 – Mining permits in Indonesia, 20140203 143
Figure 54 – Procedure to export from Indonesia 158
Figure 55 – Coal DMO mechanism in Indonesia 164
Figure 56 – Monitoring and reporting system on the implementation of coal DMO mechanism in Indonesia 164
Figure 57 – Typical transportation flow of coal in Indonesia 165
Figure 58 – Coal concessions mapped in Kalimantan 166
Figure 59 – Coal routes in Kalimantan by hauling trucks, conveyor belts, barges, vessels 167
Figure 60 – Coal routes in Kalimantan: Railways and New Coal Terminals, 2002 168
Figure 61 – Coal routes in Kalimantan: Proposed Railways, 2002 169
Figure 62 – Indonesian coal terminals mapped 173
Figure 63 – Coal seaports in Indonesia, 2015 173
Figure 64 – Dry cargo shipping vessels by type 174
Figure 65 – Causality diagram of coal price 179
Figure 66 – System flow diagram of coal price 179
Figure 67 – Abuse of Transfer Pricing through reinvoicing practices 187
Figure 68 – Indonesian coal reference price (HBA) of CV-6322 kcal/kg GAR, Jan. 2009 – Jan. 2017 192
Figure 69 – ICI Formulation Mechanism 200
Figure 70 – ICI Methodology 200
Figure 71 – Institutional shareholders of ICI, Jan. 2017 201
Figure 72 – Some institutional shareholders of globalCOAL, Jan. 2017 205
Figure 73 – The C&C Progress and Development up to the 19th Announcement, Nov. 2016 209
Figure 74 – Coal IUPs with CNC certification and expired licenses (CNC-22), 20170130 212
Figure 75 – CNC recommendations from governors and local mining offices (Kantor Dinas Pertambangan Daerah) (CNC-22), 20170130 213
Figure 76 – Problems of Non-Clean & Clear Status of IUPs classified and mapped 216
Figure 77 – Adding value to the coal by implementing clean coal technology 217
Figure 78 – Mining problems in Indonesia, 20140203 218
Figure 79 – Clean & Clear Status of IUPs, May 2011 – April 2016 222
Figure 80 – Coal distribution in Indonesia by calory class, 2014 225
Figure 81 – Supply and export of Indonesian coal, 1997-2014 229
Figure 82 – Export share over coal production in top producing countries 236
Figure 83 – Monthly exports and imports of coal in Indonesia: Anthracite (HS: 2701110000), Jan. 1999-Nov.2016 240
Figure 84 – Monthly exports and imports of coal in Indonesia: Bituminous Coal: Coking Coal (HS: 270112000 and 2701121000), Jan. 1999-Nov.2016 240
Figure 85 – Monthly exports and imports of coal in Indonesia: Bituminous Coal: Other than Coking Coal (HS: 2701129000), Jan. 1999-Nov.2016 240
Figure 86 – Monthly exports and imports of coal in Indonesia: Other Coal (HS: 270119000 and 2701190000), Jan. 1999-Nov.2016 241
Figure 87 – Monthly exports and imports of coal in Indonesia: Briquettes, Ovoids & Similar Solid Fuels Manufactured from Coal (HS: 270120000 and 2701200000), Jan. 1999-Nov.2016 241
Figure 88 – The mechanics of $600m structure finance (fixed rate note) of IndoCoal in 2005 260
Figure 89 – The mechanics of unrated $900m structured export notes (FRN) of IndoCoal in 2006 261
Figure 90 – CBM Basins in Indonesia 265
Figure 91 – Coal bed methane (CBM) resources in Indonesia, 2010 266
Figure 92 – CBM PSC terms in Indonesia 266
Figure 93 – Some CBM PSCs in East Kalimantan 269
Figure 94 – CBM basin in South Sumatera, Nov. 2011 273
Figure 95 – Tanjung Enim CBM PSC 274
Figure 96 – Muralim CBM PSC 275
Figure 97 – Sangatta West CBM PSC 277
Figure 98 – The CBM PSCs of NuEnergy in Sumatera 278

Directory of Coal Mining Companies in Indonesia, April 2017

Directory of Coal Exporting Companies in Indonesia, April 2017

Directory of Coal Freight and Selling Companies in Indonesia, April 2017

Directory of CNC-Certified Coal IUP Holding Companies in Indonesia, April 2017

Directory of Coal IUP Holding Companies whose Permits Revoked, April 2017

Abadi Batubara Cemerlang
Abadi Coal Cemerlang
Aceh Resources and Mineral
Aceh Resources and Mineral Core
Adaro Indonesia
Adimas Baturaja Cemerlang
Allied Indo Coal , PT
Andhika Mutiara Etam
Andhika Mutiara Lestari
Andhika Mutiara Sejahtera
Antang Gunung Meratus
Anugerah Jatimulia
Anugerah Jatimulya
Arutmin Indonesia
Asmin Bara Bronang
Asmin Bara Jaan
Asmin Koalindo Tuhup
Astaka Dodol
Bahari Cakrawala Sebuku
Bangun Banua Persada Kalimantan
Bara Mutiara Prima
Bara Pramulya Abadi
Bara Sentosa Lestari
Bara Utama Unggul
Baradinamika Mudasukses
Baramarta, PD
Baramulti Sukses Sarana
Baramulti Suksessartana
Baramutiara Prima
Barasentosa Lestari
Batu Alam Selaras
Batubara Duaribu Abadi, PT
Batubara Selaras Sapta, PT
Baturona Adimulya
Benakat Energi
Benakat Energy
Bentala Coal Mining
Berau Coal
Bharinto Ekatama
Bima Duta Batubara Sakti
Borneo Bhaktibara Utama
Borneo Indobara
Buana Bara Utama
Bukit Baiduri Enterprises
Bukit Sunur
Bumi Laksana Perkasa
Bumi Panen Sukses
Bumi Sukse Mandiri
Buntok Perdana Coal Mining
Coal Duaribu Abadi
Coal Selaras Sapta
Danau Mas Hitam
Daya Lapan
Delma Mining Corporation
Dhamar Tejokencono
Dharma Puspita Mining
Dutaputra Tanaratama
Ekasatya Yanatama
Energi Batubara Sumatera
Energy Batubara Sumatra
Fajar Bumi Sakti
Firman Ketaun Perkasa
General Sakti Kreasindo
Generalindo Prima Coal
Gunung Bayan Pratama
Gunung Bayan Pratama Coal
Hulubalang Inti Bumi
Indexim Coalindo
Indominco Mandiri
Insani Bara Perkasa
Interex Sacra Raya
Intitirta Prima Sakti
Intitirta Primasakti
Jorong Barutama Greston
Juloi Coal
Kadya Caraka Mulia
Kalimantan Energi Lestari
Kalteng Coal
Kaltim Prima Coal
Kartika Selabumi Mining
Karunia Poladaya Bumi
Karya Bumi Baratama
Kendilo Coal Indonesia
BHP Kendilo Coal Indonesia
Kideco Jaya Agung
Kodeco Horna Mandiri
Kurnia Sarana Lestari
Kutai Kertanegara Prima Coal
Lahai Coal
Lanna Harita Indonesia
Lianganggang Cemerlang
Mahakam Sumber Jaya
Mandiri Intiperkasa
Mantimin Coal Mining
Marunda Graha Mineral
Marunda Grahamineral
Maruwai Coal
Maruai Coal
Meulaboh Energitama
Meullaboho Energitama
Mitrajaya Timuragung
Multi Harapan Utama
Multi Tambangjaya Utama
Nusa Minera Utama
Nusantara Termal Coal (D/A Nusantara Thai Coal)
Nusantara Thai Coal
Pari Coal
Pendopo Energi Coal
Pendopo Energy Batubara
Perkasa Inakakerta
Persada Permata Mulya
Persada Permata Mulia
Pesona Khatulistiwa Nusantara
Pinang Jaya Sarana Bara
Pinangjaya Sarana Bara
Ramdany Coal Mining
Ratah Coal
Restubara Karya Pratama
Riau Bara Harum
Salamindo Coalindo
Salamindo Pahala
Santan Coal
Santan Batubara
Sarwa Sembada Karya Bumi
Selatan Selabara
Selo Argodedali
Selo Argokencono Sakti
Senamas Energindo Mulya
Senamas Energindo Mulia
Sinar Benua Prima
Sinarindo Barakarya
Singlurus Pratama
Solok Bara Adipratama
Sumber Barito Coal
Sumber Kurnia Buana
Suprabari Mapanindo Mineral
Tambang Damai
Tanito Harum
Tanjung Alam Jaya
Tanjung Alam Raya
Taraco Mining
Teguh Persada Coal
Teguh Reksa Daya
Teguh Sinar Abadi
Tempayang Cemerlang
Timah Batubara Utama
Torah Antareja Mining
Trimarta Coal Perkasa
Trimata Buana
Trimata Benua
Trimata Coal Perkasa
Trubaindo Coal Mining
Wadung Mas Tambang Mulia
Wadungmas Tambang Mulia
Wahana Baratama Mining
Whirakaneo Coalindo
Whiratama Bina Perkasa
Yamabhumi Palaka
Adaro Indonesia, PT
Adimitra Baratama Nusantara, PT
Al Amoudi Natural Resources Tradmin, PT
Alamjaya Bara Pratama, PT
Aman Toebillah Putra, PT
Amanah Anugrah Adi Mulya, PT
Antang Gunung Meratus, PT
Anugerah Bara Kaltim, PT
Anugerah Borneo Community, PT
Anugerah Karya Raya, PT (Permohonan baru)
Arini, PT
Arjuna, CV
Artha Pratama Jaya, CV
Arutmin Indonesia, PT
Asia Triperkasa, PT
Asmin Bara Bronang, PT
Bahari Cakrawala Sebuku, PT
Bangun Nusantara Jaya Makmur, PT
Bangun Olahsarana Sukses, PT
Banjar Persada Resources Mining Coal, PT
Bara Alam Utama, PT
Bara Energi Lestari, PT
Bara Kumala Sakti, PT
Bara Prima Mandiri, PT
Bara Prima Pratama, PT
Bara Rangga Wirasmuda, PT
Bara Tabang, PT
Baradinamika Mudasukses, PT
Baraguna Inti Mandiri, PT
Baramega Citra Mulia Persada, PT
Baramulti Sugih Sentosa, PT
Baramulti Suksessarana Tbk, PT
Baramutiara Ptima, PT
Barasentosa Lestari, PT (permohonan baru)
Batubara Global Energy, PT
Bayan Resources, PT
Belayan International Coal, PT
Berau Bara Abadi, PT
Berau Coal, PT
Berau Usaha Mandiri, PT
Beringin Jaya Abadi, PT
Beringin Utama, PT
Berkat Bumi Persada, PT
Berkat Murah Rejeki, PT
Bharinto Ekatama, PT
Bhumi Rantau Energi, PT
Bhumi Sriwijaya Perdana Coal, PT
Bina Insan Sukses Mandiri, PT
Bina Mitra Sumberarta, PT
Binuang Mitra Bersama, PT
Borneo Indobara, PT
Borneo Surya Abadi, PT (Permohonan baru)
Budi Gema Gempita, PT
Bukit Asam (Persero) Tbk, PT
Bukit Asam Prima, PT
Bukit Baiduri Energi, PT
Bumi Artha Jaya, PT
Bumi Karunia Pertiwi, PT
Bumi Merapi Energi, PT
Bunda Kandung, CV
Cahaya Energi Mandiri, PT
Cakra Andatu Sukses, PT
Citra Budi Bina Makmur, PT
Citra Tobindo Sukses Perkasa, PT
Commodities & Energy Resources, PT
Coromandel Minerals Resources, PT
Dewa Ruci Mandiri, PT
Dinar Kalimantan Coal, PT
Dunia Usaha Maju, PT
Duta Alam Sumatera, PT
Duta Buana Mandiri, PT
Duta Nurcahya, PT
Duta Tambang Rekayasa, PT
Dutadharma Utama, PT
Dwi Ghita Karya Mandiri
Dwijaya Prima Energi, PT
Energatama, CV
Energi Batubara Lestari, PT
Energi Nusa Mandiri, PT
Energy Cahaya Industritama, PT
Fajar Sakti Prima, PT
Fazar Utama, CV
Firman Ketaun Perkasa, PT
Gajah Mada, KUD
Garda Tujuh Buana, PT
Globalindo Inti Energi, PT
Gudang Hitam Prima Coal Mining, PT
Gunung Bara Utama, PT
Gunung Limo, PT
Gunungbayan Pratamacoal, PT
Hamparan Mulya, PT
Hasil Bumi Kalimantan, PT
Hidup Bahagia Sentosa, PT
Indexim Coalindo, PT
Indo Energi Alam Resources, PT
Indoasia Cemerlang, PT
Indominco Mandiri, PT
Indomining, PT
Indonesia Riau Sri Avantika, PT
Injatama, PT
Insam Batubara Energy, PT
Insani Bara Perkasa, PT
Internasional Prima Coal, PT
Inti Bara Perdana, PT
Intiputera Kanaan, PT
Jambi Prima Coal, PT
Jambi Resources, PT
Jembayan Muarabara, PT
Jhonlin Group, PT
Jhonlin Group, PT (Penambahan PT Arutmin Indonesia)
Jorong Barutama Greston, PT
Kadya Caraka Mulya, PT
Kaisheng Energy, PT
Kalimantan Energi Lestari, PT
Kaltim Batumanuggal, PT
Kaltim Jaya Bara, PT
Kaltim Prima Coal, PT
Kapuas Tunggal Persada, PT
Karya Cemerlang Persada, PT
Karya Desa, KSU
Karya Putra Borneo, PT
Kayan Putra Utama Coal, PT Site Malinau
Kayan Putra Utama Coal, PT Site Separi
Kedap Sayaaq, PT
Keritang Buana Mining, PT
Khotai Makmur Insan Abadi, PT
Kideco Jaya Agung, PT
Kitadin, PT
Komunitas Bangun Bersama, PT
Koperasi Jasa Mandiri Sejahtera
Kresna Mandiri Energi Cipta, PT (Permohonan Baru)
Krida Makmur Bersama, PT
Kusuma Raya Utama, PT
Kutai Bara Abadi, PT
Kutai Energi, PT
Kutai Kumala Energy, CV
Lamindo Inter Multikom, PT
Lanna Harita Mineral, PT
Lati Tanjung Harapan, PT
Lembuswana Perkasa, PT
Limbuh, CV
Madhucon Indonesia, PT
Mahakam Sumber Jaya, PT
Makmur, KUD
Mampala Jaya, CV
Manambang Muara Enim, PT
Mandira Mitra Coalindo, PT
Mandiri Intiperkasa, PT
Mandiri Makmur Citra Tambang, CV
Marunda Grahamineral, PT
Massion Energy Internasional, PT
Maxima Mitra Mandiri, PT
Mega Alam Sejahtera, PT
Mega Multi Energi, PT
Megaprima Persada, PT
Metalindo Bumi Raya, PT
Mifa Bersaudara, PT
Minemex Indonesia, PT
Mitra Anugerah Sejahtera, PT
Mitra Asia Cemerlang, PT
Mitra Maju Sukses, PT
Mitra Niaga Mulia, PT
Mitra Setia Tanah Bumbu, PT
Mitrabara Adiperdana Tbk, PT
Muara Alam Sejahtera, PT
Multi Harapan Utama, PT
Multi Tambangjaya Utama, PT
Mutiara Etam Coal, PT
Nan Riang, PT
Nantoy Bara Lestari, PT
Nuansacipta Coal Investment, PT
Nusantara Berau Coal, PT
Oorja Indo KGS, PT
Pada Idi, PT
Padangbara Sukses Makmur, PT
Param Mitra Coal Resources, PT (Permohonan baru)
Penajam Prima Coal, PT
Perkasa Inakakerta, PT
Pesona Khatulistiwa Nusantara, PT
Pinang Ekspor Indonesia, PT
Pipit Mutiara Jaya, PT (1)
Pipit Mutiara Jaya, PT (2)
Premier Resources Indonesia, PT
Prima Multi Mineral, PT
Prolindo Cipta Nusantara, PT
Putera Batu Mulia Kalimantan, PT
Putra Asyano Mutiara Timur, PT
Putra Muba Coal, PT
Putra Parahyangan Mandiri, CV
Rahma Rahman, CV
Rantaupanjang Utama Bhakti, PT
Regent International Resources, PT
Rencana Mulia Baratama, PT
Rimau Energy Mining, PT
Rinjani Kartanegara, PT
Rizki Mulia Bara, CV
RMK Energy, PT
Sakti Nusantara Bakti, PT
Santan Batubara, PT
Sarana Cipta Gemilang, PT
Semesta Centramas, PT
Senamas Energindo Mineral, PT
Sentosa Laju Energy, PT
Sinar Indo Energy, PT (Permohonan baru)
Sinar Kumala Naga, PT
Sinarbaru Wijaya Perkasa, PT
Singlurus Pratama, PT
Sipatuo Sipatokkong, KSU
Sumber Bara Abadi
Sumber Global Energy, PT
Sumber Kurnia Buana, PT
Sungai Berlian Bhakti, PT
Sungai Berlian Jaya, CV
Supra Bara Energi
Suprabari Mapaindo Mineral, PT (Permohonan baru)
Surya Mega Adiperkasa
Surya Sakti Darma Kencana, PT
Tambang Bukit Tambi, PT
Tambang Damai, PT
Tamtama Perkasa, PT
Tanito Harum, PT
Tanjung Alam Jaya, PT
Tantra Mining Development, PT
Tapin Suthra Berjaya, PT
Teguh Sinarabadi, PT
Telen Orbit Prima, PT
Terminal Batubara Indah, PT
Tigadaya Minergy, PT
Trafigura, PT
Trafigura, PT (permohonan baru penambahan kerjasama)
Tri Tunggal Pitriati, PT
Trimas Mayang Jaya, PT
Trisensa Mineral Utama, PT
Trubaindo Coal Mining, PT
Tuah Turangga Agung, PT
Tunas Inti Abadi, PT
Unirich Mega Persada, PT
United Coal Indonesia Trading, PT
Usaha Baratama Jaya, PT
Victor Duta Tiga Mega, PT
Viracon Primer Coal, PT
Wahana Baramarta Mining, PT
Winner Prima Sekata, PT
Yastra Energy, PT
Abadi Jaya Indah
Adi Coal Resources, PT
Adi Putro, CV
Adidaya Bara Nusantara, PT
Adimas Puspita Serasi, PT
Aero Mandiri, PT
Agang Saiyo, KSU
Agrabudi Jasa Bersama, PT
Agro City Kaltim, PT
Agung Bara Prima, PT
Air Mata Emas, PT
Akat Srida Amri, PT
Akbar Mitra Jaya, CV
Akbar Mitra Jaya, PT
Alam Jaya Barapratama, PT
Alam Jaya Indah, CV
Alam Karunia Mineral, PT
Alam Mitra Mandiri, PT
Alam Sinsegye Tanah Banten, PT
Alaska Prima Coal, CV
Alfara Delta Persada, PT
Al-Fazar, CV
Alhasanie, PT
Allied Indo Cemerlang Sentosa, PT
Allied Indo Coaljaya, PT
Altra Buanatama, CV
Amanah Anugerah Adi Mulia, PT
Amanah Batu Alam Persada, PT
Amanah Bersama, Koperasi Pertanian
Anco Millenium Indonesia, PT
Andalan Usaha Jaya Semesta, PT
Andhika Yoga Pratama, PT
Angsana Jaya Energi, PT
Anjas Anita Jaya, PT
Antang Surya Persada, PT
Anugerah Alam Andalas, PT
Anugerah Berlian Pratama Coal, CV
Anugerah Daya Gemilang, PT
Anugerah Jambi Coalindo, PT
Anugerah Tujuh Sejati, PT
Anzawara Satria, PT
Ar Coal Mining 1, PT
Aragon Tambang Pratama, PT
Ardipo Global Perdana, PT
Ariya Duta, CV
Arsy Nusantara, PT
Arta Usaha Bahagia, PT
Arta Usaha Sarana, PT
Artha Bimo Cemerlang Coalindo, PT
Artha Marth Naha Kramo, PT
Artha Tunggal Mandiri, PT
Arthaco Prima Energy, PT
Arwana Prima Coal, PT
Arzara Baraindo Energitama, PT
Astri Mining Resources, PT
Atap Tri Utama, CV
Atoz Nusantara Mining, PT
Awang Sejahtera, PT
Bahitom Bara Energi, PT
Bahtera Bukit Zaitun, PT
Bakti Nugraha Yuda, PT
Bakti Sarolangun Sejahtera, PT
Bangun Energy Indonesia, PT
Bangun Karya Sabumi, PT
Bangun Olah Sarana Sukses, PT
Banjar Persada Resources, PT
Banjar Satrya Putra, PT
Banjarsari Pribumi, PT
Banua Tuntung Pandang, CV
Bara Adhipratama, PT
Bara Aditama Sejahtera
Bara Aditama Sejahtera, PT
Bara Anugrah Sejahtera, PT
Bara Batin Pratama, PT
Bara Bumi Oktasan, PT
Bara Bumi Semesta, PT
Bara Indah Lestari, PT
Bara Jaya Utama, PT
Bara Mandiri Perkasa, PT
Bara Mega Quantum, PT
Bara Meratus, PT
Bara Mulia Kalimantan, PT
Bara Selaras Resources, PT
Bara Sumber Rejeki, PT
Bara Utama Jaya, PT
Bara Utama Persada Raya, PT
Baradinamika Muda Sukses, PT
Baratama Rezeki Anugerah Sentosa Utama, PT
Barito Corindo Mineral, PT
Barito Inti Perdana, PT
Bartim Coalindo, PT
Baruta Abadi, PT
Basin Coal Mining, PT
Basthomy, CV
Batanghari Energi Prima, PT
Batu Jelita Perkasa, PT
Batubara Bukit Kendi, PT
Batubara Duaribu Lestari, PT
Batubara Kalimantan, PT
Batubara Nusantara Kaltim, PT
Belayan Internasional Coal, PT
Bencoolen Mining, PT
Bengkulu Bio Energi, PT
Berau Jaya Energy, PT
Berau Jaya Perkasa, PT
Berau Prima Coal Indonesia, PT
Beringin Alam Raya, PT
Berkah Ananda, CV
Berkat Bersaudara Nusantara, PT
Berkat Bersujud, PT
Berkat Hanjuang Jaya, PT
Berkat Nanda, CV
Berkat Usaha Karya, CV
Berlian Inti Surya, PT
Betuah, CV
Billy Indonesia, PT
Bima Gema Permata, PT
Bima Putra Abadi Citranusa, PT
Bimaruna Abadi, PT
Binamitra Sumberarta, PT
Bintang Mulia Bara, CV
Bintang Prima Energy Pratama, PT
Bintang Timur Selaras, PT
Binuang Mitra Bersama Blok Dua, PT
Birawa Pandu Selaras, PT
Bismillahi Res Kaltim, CV
Bitumen Alam Indonesia, PT
Borneo Anugerah Mandiri, CV
Borneo Bara Timur Mandiri, PT
Borneo Bumi Batu Bara Grup, PT
Borneo Coal Energy, PT
Borneo Orbit Sukses Sejati, PT
Borneo Prima Coal Indonesia, PT
Borneo Prima, PT
Borneo Surya Abadi, PT
Borneo Tala Utama, PT
Bq Coal Mining, PT
Buana Bara Ekapratama, PT
Buana Eltra, PT
Buana Rizky Armia, PT
Budiindah Muliacoal, PT
Bukit Asam (Persero) Tbk., PT
Bukit Bara Alam, PT
Bukit Enim Energi, PT
Bukit Enno Persada Bahari, PT
Bukit Menjangan Lestari, PT
Bukit Raya Coal Mining, PT
Bukit Tambi, PT
Bukuan Jaya Abadi, CV
Bumi Alam Raya, PT
Bumi Bara Makmur Mandiri, PT
Bumi Barito Mineral, PT
Bumi Enggang Khatulistiwa, PT
Bumi Kaliman Sejahtera, PT
Bumi Makmur Sejati, PT
Bumi Mas Resources, PT
Bumi Murau Coal, PT
Bumi Niaga Lestari, PT
Bumi Paramasari Indo, CV
Bumi Raya Makmur Mandiri, PT
Bumi Sakti Prakarsa Mandiri, CV
Bumi Sekundang Enim Energi, PT
Bumindo Inti Cemerlang, PT
Cahaya Lembusuana, PT
Cakra Bumi Energi, PT
Cakramas Gemilang Mandiri, PT
Cakrawala Bara Persada, PT
Cantung Karya Mitra Mandiri, CV
Cempaka Alam Bumi Baru, PT
Central Cipta Murdaya, PT
Central Mandiri Sukses, PT
Central Mining Resources, PT
Charisma Barito Coal, PT
Cinta Puri Pratama, CV
Cipta Buana Seraya, PT
Cipta Mitra Sentosa, PT
Cipta Sarana Jaya, CV
Ciracap Sumber Prima, PT
Citra Bara Raya, PT
Citra Buana Lestari, PT
Conoco Mineral Indonesia, PT
Crista Jaya Perkasa, CV
Cristian Putra, PT
Dahlia Biru, PT
Damasari Resources, PT
Danako Pratama, PT
Danau Mas Hitam, PT
Dasacita Pusaka Prima, PT
Datra Katama Jaya, CV
Daya Bumindo Karunia, PT
Delapan Inti Power, PT
Delapan Paser Sejahtera, PT
Delta Samudra, PT
Dermaga Pratama Perkasa, PT
Dianrana Petrojasa, PT
Dinamika Selaras Jaya, PT
Dinasty Maha Karya, PT
Dirar Duage Energi, PT
Dizamatra Powerindo, PT
Duta Bara Utama, PT
Duta Daya Mahakam, PT
Duta Energi Mineratama, PT
Duta Tambang Sumber Alam, PT
Dwi Ghita Karya Mandiri, PT
Electra Global, PT
Elida Sari, CV
Elok Indah Subur Jaya, PT
Elynda Jaya, CV
Ena Sarana Energi, PT
Energi Batu Hitam, PT
Energi Bumi Kartanegara, CV
Energi Bumi Tanahpasir, PT
Energi Dua Rajawali, PT
Energi Penajam Mandiri, PT
Energi Persada Khatulistiwa, PT
Era Energi Mandiri, PT
Era Niaga Mandiri, CV
Erabara Persada Nusantara, PT
Fabrik Kompenen Industri Energi, PT
Fajar Mineralalami International, PT
Faris Motor, CV
Ferly Tirta Jaya, PT
Fet Mining Indonesia, PT
Firman Bersaudara, CV
Firman Ketaun, PT
Fisi Fernando Sejahtera, PT
Fontana Resources Indonesia, PT
Fortuna Lateks Marta, PT
Gala Raya Sentosa, PT
Ganda Alam Makmur, PT
Ganesha Rapindo Impex, PT
Gapura, Koperasi
Garis Emas Selaras, PT
Garuda Perkasa Nusantara, PT
Gaung Alam Semesta, PT
Gea Lestari, PT
Gerbang Anugrah Perdana, PT
Gerbang Daya Mandiri, PT
Gerbang Petani Mandiri, KSU
Global Bara Mandiri, PT
Global Borneo Resources, PT
Global Multi Energi, PT
Glory Azzumi International, PT
Golden Great Borneo, PT
Gorby Energy, PT
Gorby Putra Utama, PT
Graha Nusa Minergi, PT
Graha Panca Karsa, PT
Griya Pat Petulai Asri, PT
Griya Sumber Setya, PT
Group Rahmat Bersama, PT
Gudang Hitam Prima, CV
Gumay Prima Energi, PT
Gunung Berkat Utama, PT
Gunung Sambung, CV
Gunung Sungkai, PT
Guruh Putra Bersama, PT
Hamparan Anugrah Abadi, PT
Hanson Energy, PT
Harapan Kota Tepian, PT
Harda Nusa Abadi, PT
Harsco Mineral, PT
Haswi Kencana Indah, PT
Herlina Gemerlap, PT
Hidup Hidayah Ilahi, CV
Huma Amaz Indonesia, PT
Huma Betang Indah, PT
Indah Jaya Abadi Pratama, PT
Indo Bara Pratama, PT
Indo Besi Energi Utama, PT
Indo Mining Resources, PT
Indo Pancadasa Agrotama, PT
Indo Wana Bara Mining Coal, PT
Indomarta Multi Mining, PT
Indomas Karya Jaya, PT
Indonesia Batu Prima Energi, PT
Indonesia Multi Energi, PT
Indonusa Prima Sentosa, PT
Indotex Pratama Jaya, PT
Intan Bumi Persada, PT
Intan Karya Mandiri, CV
Intan Permata Utama, PT
Integra Prima Coal, PT
Inti Baratama Anugerah Prima, PT
Inti Bumi Selaras, PT
Inti Bumi Sukses Perkasa, PT
Jalahan Batubara Prima, PT
Jamrud Prima Citra, CV
Jangkar Prima, PT
Jasa Mandiri Sejahtera, Koperasi
Jhoswa Mahakam Mineral, PT
Kalimantan Persada Coal, PT
Kalimantan Prima Nusantara, PT
Kalimantan Sejahtera Mandiri, PT
Kaltim Batu Hitam, PT
Kaltim Batumanunggal, PT
Kaltim Global, PT
Kaltim Jaya Mineral, PT
Kaltim Nusantara Coal, PT
Kamalindo Sompurna, PT
Kangkung Prima, CV
Kapuas Bara Utama, PT
Karbon Mahakam, PT
Karunia Alam Indonesia, PT
Karunia Ilahi Insan Sejahtera, PT
Karya Bunga Pantai Ceria, PT
Karya Hasil Utama, PT
Karya Megah Buton, PT
Karya Perintis Sejati, PT
Karya Putra Bersama, CV
Karya Silvi, PT
Karya Usaha Pertiwi, PT
Karyamaju Jaya Sentosa, PT
Karyati, CV
Kasih Karya Agung, PT
Kasongan Mining Mills, PT
Katingan Ria, PT
Kayaan Mekaam, PT
Kayan Kaltara Coal, PT
Kayan Putra Utama Coal, PT
Keluarga Sejahtera, CV
Kelumpang Hulu Energi Lestari, PT
Kemilau Rindang Abadi, PT
Kemuning Tambang Sentosa, PT
Kharisma Jaya, CV
Khazana Bumi Kaliman, PT
Kimco Armindo, PT
Kintap Bukit Mulia, PT
Klola Tebo Energi, PT
Kubara Bumi Lestari, PT
Kuda Perdana Pertiwi, PT
Kumala Etam Mining, CV
Kumala Sakti Permai, PT
Kuripan Jaya, CV
Kurnia Alam Investama, PT
Kurnia Hasil, PT
Kurnia Surya Angkasa, PT
Kutai Lama, Koperasi
Kutama Mining Indonesia, PT
Kutim Coal Utama, PT
Laas Bara Khatulistiwa, PT
Labbaika, CV
Lamindo Inter Multikon, PT
Lancarjaya Bara Nusantara, PT
Laskar Semesta Alam, PT
Lautan Berkah Nusantara, PT
Lazuardi Cemerlang, PT
Lintas Jalur Harapan, PT
Lion Power Energy, PT
Loa Haur, PT
Lumika Griya, PT
Madani Citra Mandiri, PT
Madhucon Pasir Makmur, PT
Mahakam Bara Energi, PT
Mahakam Bara Utama, PT
Mahakam Energi Lestari, PT
Mahakam Indah Jaya, CV
Mahakam Mining Resources, PT
Mahakam Multi Lestari, PT
Mahakam Prima Akbar Sejati, PT
Mahakam River Coal, PT
Mahkota Megah Abadi, PT
Makkari Tutu Abadi, CV
Makmur Bersama, CV
Mamahak Coal Mining, PT
Mandiri Nusa Pratama, PT
Manggala Alam Lestari, PT
Mangkuraja, CV
Manoor Bulatn Lestari, PT
Manunggal Inti Artamas, PT
Manunggal Jaya Abadi, PT
Marina Bara Lestari, PT
Mariogi Kharisma Jaya, PT
Marlin Serantau Alam, PT
Marsawa Indah Mandiri, PT
Maruwai Bara Abadi, PT
Mega Multi Cemerlang, PT
Megah Mulia Persada, CV
Mentari Bhakti Jaya Utama, PT
Merge Mining Industry, PT
Methane Resources Indonesia, PT
Millenium Mining And Resources
Mineral Tambang Wahana, PT
Mitra Anugerah Sejahtera, CV (–> PT)
Mitra Bara Jaya, PT
Mitra Barito, PT
Mitra Bumi Sejahtera, CV
Mitra Genesaret Energi, PT
Mitra Tala, PT
Mitrabara Adiperdana, PT
Moa Maju Kurnia Utama, PT
Muara Sari, CV
Mulawarman Putera Abadi Sakti, PT
Mulia Abadi, CV
Mulia Persada Kartanegara, PT
Multi Jaya Energi, PT
Multi Sarana Avindo, PT
Multi Sarana Perkasa, PT
Mura Reka Batubara, PT
Murung Raya Bara, PT
Musi Prima Coal, PT
Mustika Indah Permai, PT
Mutiara Merdeka Jaya, PT
Naan Bara Abadi, PT
Naga Borneo Energi, PT
Nemoasia, PT
Nokano Coal Mining, PT
Nuansa Sakti Kencana, PT
Nugraha Jorong Pratama, CV
Nusa Persada Resources, PT
Nusa Riau Kencana Coal, PT
Nusantara Kaltim Coal, PT
Nusantara Santan Coal, PT
Nusantara Wahau Coal, PT
Pacific Global Abadi, PT
Pacific Global Utama, PT
Pacific Samudra Perkasa, PT
Padang Anugerah, PT
Padang Mulia, PT
Pakuwono Resources Mineral, PT
Palma Mandiri Lestari, PT
Palopo Indah Raya, PT
Pancaran Surya Abadi, PT
Pandu Aro Pacific, PT
Paramitha Cipta Sarana, PT
Parna Raya, PT
Paser Buen Energy, PT
Pasir Bara Prima, PT
Pasir Prima Coal Indonesia, PT
Patriot Wira Perkasa, PT
Penajam Makmur Abadi, CV
Persada Kapuas Prima, PT
Persada Makmur Jaya, PT
Persada Makmur Sejahtera, PT
Persada Multi Bara, PT
Persadatama Lestari Coal Mining, PT
Pertambangan Mupakat Taka, Koperasi
Perusda Benuo Taka
Pesona Bara Cakrawala, PT
Petro Mineral Jaya, PT
Pinapan Gali Mas, PT
Pipit Mutiara Jaya, PT
Piranti Jaya Utama, PT
Prabayasa Energi Utama, PT
Praharana Muda Parama, PT
Pratama Sumber Bumibara, PT
Priamanaya Energi, PT
Pribumi Citra Megah Utama, PT
Prima Bara Nusantara, PT
Prima Lazuardi Nusantara, PT
Prima Mandiri, CV
Prima Mulia Sarana Sejahtera, PT
Primkopad Dim 0904
Pro Sarana Cipta, PT
Puncak Mulia Energi, CV
Putindo Bintech, PT
Putra Bara Jaya, PT
Putra Bintan Bestari, PT
Putra Derutua, CV
Putra Hulu Lematang, PT
Putra Mahakam Mandiri, KSU
Putra Parahyangan Mandiri, PT
Putra Wali Sejati, PT
Putramas Bumi Agung, PT
Putri Ahdadia, CV
Rabani Corporindo, PT
Rahmat Prima Coal, CV
Raja Kutai Baru Makmur, PT
Rajasa Perkasa Energy, PT
Rajawali Putra Angkasa, PT
Ratu Ayu, PT
Ratu Samban Mining, PT
Rima Mining, PT
Rimba Subur Lestari, PT
Riyanta Jaya, PT
Rizki Bintang, CV
Rizki Dinda, CV
Rizki Tambang Selaras, PT
Rizky Barito Timur, PT
Rizqi Utama Indobara, PT
Rukun Dadi, KUD
Rukun Sentosa, KUD
Sagita Energi, PT
Saijaan Prima Coal, PT
Saka Putra Perkasa, PT
Sam Mining, PT
Samantaka Batubara, PT
Samudra Hindia Jaya, PT
Sapphire Mega Persada, PT
Sapta Persona Dinamika, PT
Sarana Daya Hutama, PT
Sarana Karya (Persero), PT
Sarana Marine Perkasa, PT
Sarana Putra Perdana, PT
Sarana Tambang Utama, PT
Sarana Usaha, CV
Sariagrindo Andalas, PT
Sarolangun Bara Prima, PT
Sarolangun Karang Mendapo, PT
Sarolangun Ketalo Coal, PT
Sasangga Banua Banjar, PT
Sato Mining, PT
Satria Mahkota Gotek, PT
Satria Mayangkara Sejahtera, PT
Satui Bina Usaha, PT
Satui Terminal Umum, PT
Selatan Selabara, PT
Seluma Prima Coal, PT
Semesta Alam Barito, PT
Semoi Prima Lestari, PT
Sentosa Kurnia Energi Bahagia, PT
Serangkai Jaya, PT
Shaka, CV
Sinamar Sakato, KUD
Sinar Anugerah Sukses, PT
Sinar Aurin, PT
Sinar Bara Abadi, PT
Sinar Batumas Makmur, PT
Sinar Kemilau Abadi, PT
Sinar Mulia Coal, PT
Sinar Wijaya Pratama, PT
Sinta Mani, PT
Sipatuo Sipatokong, KSU
Skord Mining, PT
Sriwijaya Bara Priharum, PT
Sriwijaya Energi Persada, PT
Stagen Indah Borneo, PT
Suar Harapan Bangsa, PT
Sumber Alam Inti Mandiri, PT
Sumber Bara Abadi, PT
Sumber Daya Energi, PT
Sumber Mineral Perdana, PT
Sumber Permata Hitam, PT
Sumber Rejeki Ekonomi, PT
Sumber Surya Gemilang, PT
Sunfan Jaya Persada, PT
Sungai Danau Jaya, PT
Supra Bara Energi, PT
Surya Anugrah Sejahtera, PT
Surya Bangun Sarana, PT
Surya Banua Energi, PT
Surya Global Makmur, PT
Surya Harapan Baru, CV
Surya Kalimantan Sejati, PT
Surya Rahmadina Bersaudara, PT
Surya Sunfan Dwi Bahtera, CV
Suryaraya Cahaya Cemerlang, PT
Suryaraya Permata Khatulistiwa, PT
Suryaraya Pusaka, PT
Syah Alam, CV
Syam Kalimantan Putera Energi, PT
Tabalong Makmur, PT
Tabalong Prima Resources, PT
Tahiti Coal, CV
Talenta Bumi, PT
Talenta Utama, CV
Tambang Aneka Mineral, PT
Tambang Batubara Harum, PT
Tambang Sejahtera Bersama, PT
Tamiang Jaya, PT
Tana Danum Taka, KSU
Tanah Bumbu Resources, PT
Tani Jaya Murni, KUD
Tanjung Belit Bara Utama, PT
Tansri Madjid Energi, PT
Tanur Jaya, PT
Tapin Sarana Jaya, PT
Tara Indonusa Coal, PT
Tech Drilling International, PT
Tekno Orbit Persada, PT
Telen Eco Coal, PT
Tempirai Energy Resources, PT
Tiara Bara Borneo, PT
Tiwa Abadi, PT
Transcoal Minergy, PT
Transisi Energy Satunama, PT
Tri Kencana Mulia, PT
Tri Mandiri Perkasa, PT
Tri Oetama Persada, PT
Tri Panuntun Persada, PT
Triaryani, PT (Penggabungan)
Truba Bara Banyu Enim, PT
Tuah Globe Mining, PT
Tubindo, PT
Tuhup Coal Mining, PT
Tujuh Saudara, PT
Tunas Jaya, KSU
Tunggal Putra Nusantara, PT
Tunggal Utama Lestari, PT
Turangga Krisna Dwipa, PT
Uci Jaya, PT
Union Perkasa Abadi, PT
Urip Tagang, PT
Usaha Baratama Jesindo, PT
Usaha Kawan Sejati, PT
Utami Jaya Mulia, PT
Vano Anugrah Sentosa, PT
Victor Dua Tiga Mega, PT
Virgo Benua Jaya, CV
Wahana Agung Sejahtera, PT
Wahana Alam Lestari, PT
Wahana Kutai Energi, PT
Wahana Surya Abadi, PT
Wahyu Murti Garuda Kencana, PT
Wahyu Taruna Bakti, CV
Wana Batara Karya Lestari, PT
Wara Kirana Bakti, PT
Welarco Subur Jaya, PT
Wijaya Indo Mining, PT
Wira Bara Sakti, PT
Wira Usaha Abadi, PT
Wiraduta Sejahtera Langgeng, PT
X Dareh, CV
Yuman Jaya Tama, PT
Abang Resource Indonesia, PT
Abterra Resources Indonesia, PT
Adani Global Coal Trading, PT (d/h Aneka Sumber Bumi, PT)
Adani, PT
Ade Kantari, CV
Adimitra Mega Perkasa, PT
Advance Marketing & Services, PT
Agung Mandiri, CV
Alam Permai Artha Utama, PT
Almer Deas Cargoz, PT
Almindo Jaya Abadi, PT
Alton International Resources, PT
Aluna Kusumah Lestari, PT
Andalas Coal Persada, PT
Aneka Sumber Bumi, PT ? Adani Global Coal Trading, PT
Angin Jaya Solusi, PT
Aninditha Kaharya Anugrah, PT
Ansaf Inti Resources, PT
Anugerah Lancar Indo Makmur, PT
Anugrah Energi Mas, PT
Anugrah Prima Coalindo, PT
Apple Coal & Minerals Indonesia, PT
Aquarius Mineral Utama, PT
Archipelago, PT
Ardafrora Duta Arbaraya, CV
Armada Pelayaran Rakyat Indonesia, PT
Armada Rock Karunia Transshipment, PT
Arona Perkasa Pratama, PT
Arta Banua Resources, PT
Artha Daya Utama Resources, PT
Artha Satria Piningit, PT
Artono Coalindo, PT
Aruza Mandiri Pratama, PT
Asian Bulk Logistics, PT
Astrico Nu Energi, PT
Atlas Citra Selaras, PT
Bahtera Alam Tamiang, PT
Bangun Kalimantan, PT
Bara Alam Energi, PT
Bara Buana Persada, PT
Bara Indah Global, PT
Bara Indah, PT
Bara Indotama Sukses, PT
Bara Mitra Energi, PT
Bara Sinergi Pradana, PT
Baramega Cahaya Makmur, PT
Baramulia Energi, PT
Baramulti Energi Indojaya, PT
Baramulti Energi Indonesia, PT
Barhind, PT
Baruna Dirga Dharma, PT
Batu Unggul Pertiwi, PT
Batuah Abadi Lines, PT
Batubara Energy Indonesia, PT
Bel Mining Services, PT
Belgi Energy, PT
Bengkulu Mandiri, PT
Bening Anugerah Semesta, PT
Bening, CV
Bentan Energy Sakti, PT
Berdikari Inti Mandiri, PT
Beringin Citra Makmur, PT
Beringinmas Jaya Abadi, PT
Beringinmas Sukses Abadi, PT
Berkah Anugerah Abadi Sejahtera, PT
Berkah Anugerah Abadi, CV
Berkah Anugerah Abadi, PT
Berkah Bumi Leluhur, PT
Bhara Rosa Energi Coal, CV
Bina Equator Indonesia, PT
Bintang Alam Serindai, PT
Bintang Kartika Segara, PT
Bintang Mahakam Energy, PT
Birutani Jaya Semesta, PT
Bita Enarcon Engineering, PT
BK Global Lestari, PT
Boma Sumber Anugerah, PT
Borneo Anugerah Energi, PT
Borneo Brother, PT
Borneo Coalindo Anugerah, PT
Borneo Indogama, PT
Borneo Inti Lestari, PT
Borneo Prima Resources, CV
Buana Adiguna, PT
Buana Jaya Pratama, PT
Buana Perkasa Sukses, PT
Bukit Kalimantan Sarana, PT
Bumi Alam Sejahtera, PT
Bumi Berdikari Jaya, PT
Bumi Kasih Jaya, CV
Bumi Pertiwi Energy, PT
Bumi Resources Tbk, PT
Bumi Riau Cemerlang, PT
Bumi Unggul Nasional, PT
Bumi Utama Perkasa, PT
Caesar Mulia, PT
Cahaya Energi Lestari, PT
Cahaya Marhan Naya, PT
Cahaya Tiara Mandiri, PT
Cahaya Transportasi, PT
Cakrawala Energi Nusantara, PT
Cakrawala Investama Semesta, PT
Cemerlang Abadi Indonesia, CV
Cenko Prima Ferro International, PT
Centra Nusa Indonesia, PT
Cequal Teknologi Indonesia, PT
Choice Plus Perkasa, PT
Cipaganti Inti Resources, PT
Cita Multiline Anugrah, PT
CJ GLS Resources Indonesia, PT
Coeclerici Indonesia, PT
CPAZ Resources, PT
Daaz Bara Lestari, PT
Dangau Airnalhady, PT
Daya Enerji Lestari, PT
Daya Nusantara Mining, PT
Delapan Belas Sanghyang, PT
Delima Mustika Kencana, PT
Dermaga Perkasapratama, PT
Devina Raja Batubara, PT
Dewata Bahtera Internasional, PT
Dewi Putri Asean, CV
Dharmalancar Sejahtera, PT
Diamond Trading Company, CV
Draya Resources, PT
Dua Kota Laut, PT
Dua Samudera Perkasa, PT
Dumons Bara Multi, PT
Dunia Sarana Sejahtera, PT
Duta Batola, PT
Dwijaya Prima Energy, CV
Dwikarya Sukses, PT
Eastern Mining Resources Indonesia, PT
Eastern Mining Resources, PT
Eka Bima Pamula Sakti, PT
Ekapusaka Mahardhika, PT
Emin Subenco, PT
Eneralindo Energy, PT
Energi Surya Persada, PT
Energy Puri Tujuh, PT
Energy Resources, PT
Energy Tujuh Ribu, PT
Enimex Power Energi, PT
Equity Commodities, PT
Eta Star Coal, PT
Excel Regal Mineral Trading, PT
Fajar Darwin, PT
Febrian Putra Pratama, CV
Fu Woo Mining Indonesia, PT
Galatia Mas, PT
Gardatama Mulia Kencana, PT
Garuda Mineral Energy, PT
Garuda Sapta Perkasa Coal, PT
GCPR Hong Tai Resources, PT
Gema Indonesia Baru, PT
Gemilang Garden Flower, PT
Ghina Hayati, PT
GIG Choice Plus, PT
Global Cahaya Energy, PT
Global Indonesia Mandiri, PT
Global Multi Coal, PT
Global Trans Energy International, PT
Glory Mitra Investex, PT
Golden Arrow Energy, PT
Grace Coal, PT
Graha Sarana Gresik, PT
GS Global Resources, PT
Guna Sarana Mas, PT
Gunung Lawoe Mercu Buana, PT
Habco Primatama, PT
Harapan Bahtera Internusa, PT
Harapan Bara Energy, PT
Harkat Utama Mulia Mandiri, PT
Harma Nusa Mineral, PT
Harta Bumi Resources, PT
Hasil Alam Indonesia, CV
Haskoning Indonesia, PT
Hasta Selaras Sakti, PT
Hatch, PT
Henchi Arira Sata, PT
Hijau Bumi Energi, PT
Hikmah Albros, PT
Himadri Energy, PT
HMS Bergbau Indonesia, PT
Hong Da Mining Indonesia, PT
Hua Long International, PT
Huashia Resources, PT
Indah Bumi Nusantara, PT
Indika Logistic & Support Services, PT
Indo Jaya Anugrah, PT
Indo Mitra, CV
Indobeta, PT
Indocom Trade, PT
Indogati Resources, PT
Indomineral Mega Perkasa, PT
Indonesia Energi Prima, PT
Indonesia Kangxin International Investment, PT
Indonesia Pasti Jaya, PT
Indoraya Megah Tehnik, PT
Infinite Coal Resources, PT
Inkatama Resources, PT
Inkor Prima Coal, PT
Inmas Energy, PT
Instant Engineering Services Indonesia, PT
Integrito Glonex Pratama, PT
Interwell Indonesia, PT
Inti Alam Murni, PT
Inti Bara Mandiri, PT
Inti Karya Cipta Nusantara, PT
Intra Wahana Putra Nusantara, PT
J Resources Nusantara, PT
JA Nusantara, PT
Jaya Coal Perkasa, PT
Kalidanau Megah Abadi, CV
Kalimantan Prima Persada, PT
Kartika Jaya Baratama, PT
Karunia Agung Infiniti, PT
Karunia Mutiara Lestari, PT
Karunia Persada Kalimantan, PT
Karunia Prima Minerals, PT
Karya Anugerah Tritunggal, CV
Karya Bunga Pantai Ceria Group, PT
Karya Indo Energi, PT
Karya Lima Maritim, PT
Karya Tangguh Perkasa, PT
Kasih Anugerah Mulia, PT
Kasih Industri Indonesia, PT
KCC Mining Services Indonesia, PT
KDM Argo Energy, PT
Kenkim Energi, PT
Kharisma Jaya Bersama, PT
Kinarum Coal Indonesia, PT
Kresna Inti Cipta, PT
Kutai Enviro Energi, PT
Lahat Centra Coalindo, PT
Lambung Karang Sakti, PT
Langkah Iman, PT
Langkahiman, PT
Leban Mutiara Hitam, PT
Lestari Bara Abadi, PT
Lingga Satria, CV
Lintas Asia Resources, PT
Luhur Indo Energy, CV
Lumina Internastional, PT
Mahakam Bara Lestari, PT
Maju Bersama Sejahtera, PT
Maju Lestarijaya Abadi, PT
Makira Nature, PT
Makmur Membara, PT
Malinau Berkat Sejahtera, PT
Mamb Energy, PT
Maple Natural Resources, PT
Mareta Persada, PT
Maritim Barito Perkasa, PT
Maritim Prima Mandiri, PT
Masa Jaya Perkasa, PT
Mega Coal Trading, PT
Mega Karya Sakti, PT
Menara Rukun International Trading, PT
Mentari Bara Jaya, PT
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Patria Maritime Lines, PT
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Pelayaran Trans Sarana Makmur, PT
Pelita Berkah Makmur, PT
Pelita Samudra Shipping, PT
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Perusahaan Daerah Sarana Pembangunan Muara Enim, PT
Perusahaan Pelayaran Rusianto Bersaudara, PT
Philip Caesar Jaya, CV
Pinta Karya Makmur, PT
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Posco Resources Indonesia, PT
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Kana Global Energi, PT
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Mitra Dipro Coal Indonesia, PT
Mitra Maju Bangun Persada, PT
Mitra Multi Komindo, PT
Multi Tri Sempurna, PT
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Nusantara Alam Pasific, PT
Pagun Taka, PT
Paropo Sejahtera Abadi, PT
Patria Drilling Company, PT
Pelampung Jaya, PT
Petrona Mining Contractor, PT
Pipit Citra Perdana, PT
Prima Didi Nusantara, PT
Prima Dodo, PT
Puro Nusa Dinamika, PT
Putra Sungai Kapuas, PT
Raja Girsang Energi, PT
Rimbaka Mining Makmur, PT
Sangkala Persada Sakti, PT
Sarolangun Bara Coal, PT
Satria Gilang Mandiri, PT
Satria Tapak Nawala, PT
Sekar Arum Setyo Abadi, PT
Siarakka Udan Berkat, PT
Siba-Safa Kayang Abadi, PT
Sinar Bumi Baratama, PT
Sinar Gunung Moile, PT
Sinar Super Indah, PT
Sugico Pendragon Energi, PT
Sumara Nikarya, PT
Sumber Alam Resources, PT
Sumber Bumi Perkasa, PT
Sumber Daya Persada, PT
Sumber Mangaan Sakti, PT
Sumber Prima Energi Buana, PT
Sumber Wahyu Agung, PT
Sumber Wahyu Mulyo, PT
Surya Indo Global, PT
Swadana Puranugraha, PT
Taman Indah Makmur Sejahtera, PT
Tambang Nusantara Perdana, PT
Tambulun Panual Jaya, PT
Teguh Agung Sejahtera, PT
Tembesi Coalindo, PT
Tiardo Jaya, PT
Tiga Berlian Abadi, PT
Titian Reski, PT
Transindo Bara Cemerlang, PT
Triadat Quantum, PT
Trieka Bangun Persada, PT
Trinamas Abadi, PT
Trinusa Resources, PT
Tunas Prima Coal, PT
Utomo Kostrindo, PT
Wana Adiprima Mandiri, PT
Zafir Mitra Serasi, PT

In 2015, Australia replaced Indonesia as the largest exporter of coal in the world. Previously, Indonesia had been supplying lower quality of coal with relatively cheapest price. The cost structure of Indonesian coal only comprises of extraction and transportation to the nearby seaports, ranging from $30 to $55 per ton.

The ever cheapest price of Indonesian steaming coal in the world has been allowed by the government as the coal exported is not required to be upgraded in any quality terms, either as cleaner energy source or higher energy content. Coal that mined and exported has contributed as the major and highest source for state revenue, about 85% of mining revenue. That does not include revenues to local governments in terms of taxes and non-taxes.

There has not been any report of any coal quality upgrades in Indonesia, particularly regarding the gasification process. Some coal liquefaction technologies have been implemented partially to produce SNG (synthetic natural gas), ethanol, DME (dimethyl ether), and methanol-olefins. However, direct application of coal in power generation (mine-mouth power plant) has been implemented only in Sumatera, known as IPP (Independent Power Producer) Coal.

Coal liquefaction is the first step toward the implementation of coal gasification. Coal technology is discussed under the section of “Coal Gasification” along with the issues of CTL (coal-to-liquid), CTG (coal-to-gas), and CTC (coal-to-chemicals). Some coal deposits underground have been conceived by many to contain enormous amounts of reserves, either under the seabed of North Sea, NE England and the underground of Hat Creek, British Columbia, Canada.

Nevertheless, some UCG (underground coal gasification) projects in the world have been cancelled due to failures to fulfill some clauses on guaranteeing environment protection whilst its technology implemented. No technology has ever been present at the moment to assure that the layers surrounding the coal seams underground won’t crack or collapse during coal gasification and let unidentified gas, liquids, fire, or mud to surface.

Porong mud flows, Centralia underground coal fire, Derweze methane burning are some examples of man-made disasters on the mother nature. That hasn’t included the cancer plague suffered by the communities nearby Angren UCG in Uzbekistan operated by Linc Energy. Listed on the SGX-ST (SGX:BRE) and the OTCQX of USA (OTCQX: LNCGY), Linc Energy entered into Voluntary Administration on 30 March 2016 and got itself liquidated afterwards.

Two Indonesian companies that have been known to make some deals with Linc Energy regarding the UCG technologies are PT Sugico Graha (Sugico) and PT Medco Energi Mining Internasional (MEMI), a subsidiary of PT Medco Energi Internasional Tbk. Coal-bed methane (CBM) in Indonesia is another story to be told, discussed, and analysed in separate section in this book.

This research report also contains coal statistics in Indonesia, from resources to reserves, production, export and import, domestic sales, coal terminals and coal seaports. And also a bunch of lists regarding coal regulations, coal agreements with the Indonesian government, issues on environmental and decentralisation, coal mining permits (from CCoW to IUP), the Clean and Clear (CNC) status, domestic market obligation (DMO) by coal companies, and the first coal companies performance.

The above writing is a report sample of research and analysis on “Coal Business in Indonesia

To cite:
Sando Sasako, Coal Business in Indonesia, Serabdi Sakti, Jakarta, March 2017.

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